Informer Trading Platform – Monthly Overview

Last week many of you requested that I teach more about our trading platform – Informer.

So I decided that we will do a monthly overview to talk about what’s new and answer any questions you have.

With this first overview I go over everything Informer can do, so it’s a bit long but very informative so enjoy!

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Also, here is the link to the Trading Platform Q&A portion of the video.


What Is Informer?

A custom trading platform with a lot of trading features such as:

1) An All In One Trading Platform

-Trade all of your MT4 accounts on one platform (eventually it will support non-MT4 brokers)

-Open/Close multiple orders between any broker with one-click

-Built in money management and lot size calculation

-Automatic scaling out

-Quote board with email and text message alerts

-Mirror Trading

2) Custom Charting

-Custom time-frames (2 minute, 6 hour, etc.)

-Tick based charts

3) Custom Trading Tools

-Built in news feed with alerts

-Market Sentiment indicator

-Risk Hero money management


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Price Action Trading – Flag Breakout Pattern

The survey I recently did revealed that many of you want to learn price action trading.

Naturally this week I decided to teach a price action strategy called “The Flag Breakout Pattern.”

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Also, here is the link to the Price Action Q&A portion of the video.


What Is Price Action Trading?

Trading the charts “naked” or without indicators.

Instead of using many indicators you simple use the price bars themselves to locate patterns.

Several patterns are formed by trader emotions and you can take advantage of these situations.

Also, many traders think that price action is only for day traders watching price. The truth is you can use patterns on any time-frame.


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